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KickPort’s designs have become an industry standard for natural acoustical enhancement of drums and percussion instruments in all genres of music.

Both for the audience and players, the award-winning patented KickPort® products deliver audible improvements to maximize the sound properties and tonal qualities like no other products or devices in the world. Sound Matters!


  921 Transport Way Suite 21 Petaluma, CA 94954
  415 898 4375


Wow! This is fantastic! #kickport 📸: Kenny Youngar. https://t.co/FUCHBmR1iG
KickPort (5 days ago)
RT @BigFatSnareDrum: Black&Blue. @MapexDrumsUSA @MapexDrums @SamsunCymbals @vicfirth @KickPort @AquarianHeads @aliyarkinik #BFSD https://t.…
KickPort (2 weeks ago)
RT @rickymolina: Love the back part of my Cajón... get DEEP low sound with a Cajon Port. Y @kickport #kickport #tycoonpercussion #livetopl…
KickPort (2 weeks ago)
RT @chrisjbonneau: Yessir!! @ddrumUSA @AquarianHeads @VaterDrumsticks @dreamcymbals @KickPort @GibraltarDIY https://t.co/BOM0YPkunb
KickPort (2 weeks ago)
RT @QuillyDrummer: Depping with @latimoband at @CheltJazzFest - this kit can do anything @Nataldrums @SABIAN_UK @KickPort @EvansDrumheads…
KickPort (4 weeks ago)