KickPort FX SERIES™ Ports

For Snare, Toms, Bass Drum Batter Head

The KickPort Evolution Continues! Experience the full dynamic tonal qualities of ALL of your drums!


Product Features

• More Natural Dynamics & Responsive Tone.
• Increase Your Stroke Definition & Focus.
• Improve Isolation with Less Need for Processing.
• More Punch from ANY Brand of Drums or Drumheads.

For use with:

• Compatible with your favorite brands, sizes, and styles of drums, drum heads, and microphones.

• For batter side OR resonant head.

Product Tips

• FX-1SN: for snare drums 12”–15”
- Tune snare res head slightly higher, batter normal
• FX-1RT: for toms 12”–14”
• FX-2FT: for floor toms 16”–22”
• FX-2BD: for bass drums 16” or larger
For more tips go the  FX Support page  

How to Install FX Series Ports


The Evolution of the Revolution!  Our latest patented breakthrough, the FX Series™ Sonic Enhancement Ports produce a clearer and more focused note that dramatically improves the projection of the natural tone of your drum. These revolutionary ports are the result of more than 3 years of research and development and they deliver an incredible three-dimensional sound in all live performance and recording environments. Like all of our products, FX Series™ Sound Ports are compatible with your favorite brands, sizes, and styles of drums, heads; plus, compatibility with all of your drum microphones.


FX combos– Extend dynamics, feel and response
– Reduce unwanted overtones
– Naturally improve isolation
– No surface pads or tape
– Add punch and depth
– Increase definition


FX Ports – Hear it Now!

FX Ports on DW-PDP Concept Maple

Drums: 10″, 12″, 16″ Toms, 14″ SD, 22″ BD


Remo Heads – 1 & 2
Toms: Emperor Clear – Batter
Ambassador Clear – Resonant
Snare: Emperor Coated
Bass Drum: PowerSonic – Batter
PowerStroke 3 – Resonant

FX Ports on Batter Heads
Except 10″ Tom on Res Head
Before and After
Emp Cl w RTEmp Co w SN

FX Ports on Resonant Heads
– Except snare on batter
Before and After
Emp Cl w RTEmp Co w SN


Evans Heads – 3 & 4
Toms: G2 Clear – Batter
G1 Clear – Resonant
Snare: G2 Coated
Bass Drum: EMAD2 – Batter
EQ3 – Resonant

FX Ports on Batter Heads
Except 10″ Tom on Res Head
Before and After
G2 Cl w RTG2 Co w SN

FX Ports on Resonant Heads
Except snare on batter
Before and After
G2 Cl w RTG2 Co w SN


Pearl Marching Snare Drum – Yea!
Remo White Max
Before and After
Snare for Web

FX Videos – See it Now!

FX Series With and Without – Articulation and Crispness!

Taye Drums GoKit fully outfitted with FX Series Ports – a great combination!

Fofi Lancha, drummer of Sabado Gigante, and his FX Series Ports – English


FX Installation Videos

How to install your new FX Series Ports

FX Tuning Videos

How to tune the FX-1SN snare port

How to use the Tune-Bot with FX Ports


Mike Miller, of Breakaway Patriot, posted this video of his FX Series Ports

Alan Schechner with FX-1SN Snare Port,
Before and After

Crush Snare Drum with an Evans hybrid drum head.



FX Drumhead Cutting Tips


How to tune the FX-1RT tom ports

How to tune the FX-2FT floor tom port

“I have FX Ports on all of my drums now and I feel what I always loved about my kit! Each note is clearer, cleaner, deeper, and more precise on stage and in the studio.” ~ Drummer, Solo Artist, Clinician (Scott Weiland, Linda Perry, Courtney Love, and many others)
Tommy Rickard
“My snare drum is the best it’s ever sounded. Amazing depth and clarity. And incredible with brushes!”
~ Patti Labelle, Diana Ross, Drummer, Percussionist, Educator, Inventor
Ritchie Gajate Garcia
“The FX1 and FX2 series ports represent another major advancement in the art and science of drumming and ultimately how our drums sound. These ports bring out incredible tones, frequencies, body and the fullness of my snare drums and rack and floor toms with increased response, playability and attack that previously weren’t possible, giving me the most out of my already amazing sounding drums. I am truly excited about all that KickPort is doing to revolutionize drums and drumming!”
~ Drummer for Dead City Dolls, educator, product reviewer, clinician
Doug Meola
“The FX Series tom ports have helped define my sound by giving me the overall tone that cuts through and sounds great anywhere I play!
The FX Series Snare port has really given me a distinct sound. The tone and sound I searched for years to find! Thanks Kickport!”
~ Drummer, Independent
Andy Davis
“As soon as I got the drum-head with FX in my snare drum, I played with it in a concert. Man that snare drum became a monster!! A round fat sounding snare drum with lots of volume and attack, of course the beautiful tone of the snare drum enhanced. Very happy and impressed with the FX product.”
~ Drummer/Producer DrumLab, Fox (Columbia) Cumbia Ninja Drummer/Music Producer
Javier Aponte Rodriguez

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